Service Projects

The Utah Players stand out not only for their prowess on the field but also for their unwavering commitment to community service. Devoted to making a positive impact beyond the diamond, the team engages in a service project every month that reflect their dedication to giving back. From delivering Thanksgiving dinners to families in need to spearheading cleanup efforts at the local ball field, the Utah Players actively contribute to enhancing the quality of life in their community. One of their most cherished initiatives involved spending quality time with veterans at the VA hospital, attending game nights that foster camaraderie and support for those who have served our nation. By intertwining the spirit of sportsmanship with a genuine commitment to service, the Utah Players demonstrate that the true measure of a team extends far beyond the final score, leaving an undeniable mark on the hearts of those they serve.

We are ALWAYS looking for opportunities for the team to serve others. If you have an idea, please fill out the information below to get us the details so we can continue to serve.

You can also sign up for our newsletter to hear about what we do every month. Your donations will go toward keeping the boys busy on the field and keeping them serving off the field.

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